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Tessa LeBaron



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 My name is Tessa LeBaron, I'm a visual artist in Cleveland, Ohio.  Art has always been my passion and gateway to unsaid thoughts. I create all kinds of work such as portraits, animals, vibrant landscapes, and visualizations of the subconscious mind. I have created large scale artwork/murals for many local businesses all over northeast Ohio.

I work with mostly acrylic and watercolor. There is a certain flow and washy effect in my work with vibrant colors and energy. Sometimes my work is interspersed with paint everywhere, yet illustrative and detailed.  Fluidity and radiance can be found in my artwork. 
In the art world, I always felt that visual communication and self-expression give the opportunity to widen perspectives and bring about introspection.  There are many ‘selfs’ in my art, meaning that individual parts of me, and different interests of my life come together as a visual representation.

Contact/commission work:
                       I am able to help you with custom paintings, murals, band design, logo design, pet portraits and more!

                                                                                    Etsy Shop: TessaLeBaronArt
                                                                                 Facebook: tessalebaronart
                                                                                     Instagram: tessla_art

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